At Logo Homes, we design each home to suit the requirements of the individual owner. We have never built the same house twice!


  • We use a variety of external claddings, from the painted fibre cement clad finishes (clapboard) to a log finish, and we offer a wide choice of roofing styles.
  • Our homes range from large residential houses to seaside holiday cottages and granny flats.
  • Logo Homes has a factory where we pre-construct the building panels. This gives us greater precision, reduces building time and avoids building delays due to poor weather. The pre-constructed elements are sent to the prepared foundation in easily transportable sections. This is not only extremely cost effective but also protects the quality of our homes.
  • As well as having a very loyal team of carpenters and artisans, over the years we have developed special relationships with expert sub-contractors who provide electrical installation, plumbing, thatching etc.
  • All your personal tastes are accommodated when it comes to carpeting, tiling, painting etc. Cladding is backed by a sheathing layer which acts as a bracing material and a vapour barrier.
  • We can design a home around almost any budget – from a starter home to a millionaires retreat.
  • All our homes meet the requirements of the South African National Standard 10-082, which prescribes the standards required of timber frame buildings in South Africa. We are active members of the ITCSA of which Ben is a past President. We subscribe to their code of ethics and also adhere to the National Building Regulations, due to this our buildings have the blessing of the financial institutions for bond purposes.
  • We are registered with the NHBRC